Full Moon + Waning Moon + New Moon + Waxing Moon

Saturday, Mar. 15, 2003 | Just something to do really...
Friday, Feb. 28, 2003 | She was a boy, he was a girl, can I make it anymore transgendered?
Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003 | Screw it, I don't care anymore.
Monday, Feb. 24, 2003 | Back from the place I want to call home
Monday, Feb. 17, 2003 | Catching up...
Thursday, Feb. 13, 2003 | "Come on my ass" - Austin (don't ask)
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2003 | When it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love...
Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003 | Evil goth angel...ghwa!!
Sunday, Feb. 09, 2003 | I'm carrying a mule’s weight already!
Saturday, Feb. 08, 2003 | Blah blah blah
Thursday, Feb. 06, 2003 | Farewell, Farewell to you who would hear...
Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2003 | Yay! Go me!
Monday, Feb. 03, 2003 | Oh to be either of those pens. ::swoon::
Sunday, Feb. 02, 2003 | Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 | More in-depth than the last
Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 | Just FYI
Sunday, Jan. 12, 2003 | Lots of Stuff...
Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2003 | And even more Lord of the Rings...
Monday, Jan. 06, 2003 | My alarm clock is now named Pippin o.O
Sunday, Jan. 05, 2003 | Life sucks then you die...
Friday, Jan. 03, 2003 | This, my friend, is a pint....
Thursday, Jan. 02, 2003 | Come with me and join the Fellowship

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The Werewolf
  Name: Sarah Lynn
  Alias: Lynn Cheshire
  Email: here
  Age: Eighteen
  Astrology: Capricorn, Year of the Rat.
  Location: Berlin, New Hampshire
  Fangirl: Slash, fantasy, books, anime, manga, dungeons and dragons, video games.
  Squick: Perky people, most women, cigarettes, homophobes, sports, ignorance, light, extreme heat.
  Phobia: Spiders, public speaking, failure, rejection, babies, crowds.
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  Yahoo: guenhwyvar85

The Professor
  Race: Dark Elf
  Class: Theif
  Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  Stength: 5
  Dexterity: 11
  Constitution: 8
  Intelligence: 11
  Perception: 14
  Wisdom: 16
  Charisma: 12

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